Helsinki Turumankatu | Group rental apartments

Helsinki Turumankatu | Group rental apartments

Turumankatu group rental apartments are located in the maritime Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki. Group rental apartments are intended for people interested in community living. The company consists of two blocks of flats with six rental apartments offering a cosy and affordable opportunity for community housing.

The rental homes intended for community housing of Turumankatu in Helsinki are built near the sea in Kruunuvuorenranta, right across from the city centre proper. The first apartment block under the group rental concept has six group rental apartments, each with four residents. Residents living in A-Kruunu's group apartments in the same apartment each have their own rental agreement. Unlike traditional cell housing, residents can also choose their living partners. Group rental apartments to be built along Turumankatu are intended for people of all ages.
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Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot respond to individual enquiries about group rental apartments.

In Kruunuvuorenranta, the most important services are nearby, and the upcoming centre block will include a comprehensive school, a day-care centre, and a sports hall as well as grocery stores and specialised shops. Here, the diverse experiences and recreational opportunities of the sea and archipelago nature are enjoyed all year round. Thanks to its light art installations, the Kruunuvuorenranta district is also called the district of light. In the future, the light rail will take you across the Kruunusilta bridges to the city centre in 15 minutes.

Basic Information
Address: Turumankatu 11, 00590 Helsinki
Type: Block of flats
Apartment sizes: 5 rooms + k, of which 4 rooms are living rooms, 1 room is a shared lounge for the residents and the kitchen is a shared kitchen
Floor area: 115.5 m²
Number of apartments: 49 (from which 6 are group te­nan­cy hou­ses)
Completion: 10/2021 (estimate)
Brochure: View brochure (FI)

Fre­quent­ly as­ked ques­tions about group te­nan­cy

A group tenancy apartment is an apartment that is shared between multiple residents. Each resident is provided with their own room, and they all share the general facilities of their apartment. Our objective is to allow residents to have a say in who they wish to live with. Even in a situation where one resident of a group tenancy apartment decides to terminate their tenancy agreement, the remaining residents will still be able to influence the choice of the new resident. However, all final decision are made by A-Kruunu on the basis of the applications it receives.

Group tenancy housing is communal living at its best and suitable for many different walks of life, from seniors to families with children who wish to share an apartment together. Shared housing also makes it easier to share the costs and obligations of everyday life.

Anyone in need of housing. You can apply for group tenancy housing by yourself or in groups of 2–4 people. If a group is smaller than the number of rooms available in an apartment, A-Kruunu will select the residents for the remaining rooms.

Our resident selection process is based on the means-testing policies specified in ARA’s resident selection guidelines, and each site is subject to a wealth limit. Our process follow a set of means-testing criteria that emphasises those persons and groups who are most in need of housing.

After the application period has started, you can apply for a group tenancy apartment using a separate application form. Group tenancy apartments cannot be applied for using the Housing Search service on A-Kruunu’s website or with A-Kruunu’s general application form.

If you already know someone who you would like to live with and they are also in need of an apartment, you can each submit your own applications where you must clearly state that you are applying for the same apartment together. Please note that due to the ARA resident selection criteria, we cannot guarantee that a pre-assembled group in its entirety can be housed in a  group rental apartment. You can also apply for a room in a group tenancy apartment by yourself.

If you are applying as a group, you most likely already know each other so well that there will be no need for any separate roommate surveys. 

If you are applying for a room in a group tenancy apartment by yourself, you must use your application to describe yourself and your housing-related wishes in as much detail as possible. As the resident selection process progresses, we will also send specific questions to certain applicants in order to ensure that these residential communities will be able to get along even when their residents do not know each other beforehand. Our goal is to take each applicant’s housing wishes into account to the furthest extent possible, but our selection process is guided by certain guidelines that A-Kruunu must follow in its resident choices. All applicants who are selected for a group tenancy apartment will be given the opportunity to meet each other before signing their lease agreements. 

Pets may be kept in group tenancy apartments on a case-by-case basis. You will need to gain the approval of your roommates and the service manager of the building beforehand.

Electricity is included in the price of rent, but the landlord reserves the right to charge for the electricity if necessary according to consumption.

The water is billed according to actual consumption every six months, and it is divided according to the number of residents per lease. The advance water charge advance is €20/month/person. 

A 100M Internet connection per residence is included in the rent.

Rental apartments and rental prices of the location
A4 5 rooms + kitchen, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 362.42 €/month
A7 5 rooms + kitchen, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 366.46 €/month
A10 5 rooms + kitchen, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 370.50 €/month
B13 5 rooms + kitchen, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 362.42 €/month
B17 5 rooms + kitchen, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 366.46 €/month
B21 5 rooms + kitchenh, 115,5 m² (group rental apartment)14,0–14,5 m²/roomrental price starting from 370.50 €/month

The application period for the location is 14.6.– 4.7.2021. After this, applications for the location will be received on an ongoing basis.

We will contact the recipients of the housing offer via e-mail by 15.9.2021. We are not able to inform all applicants about the choices, we are only in contact with those applicants for whom we are able to provide housing. Please note that we will not respond to inquiries about the application situation during the resident selection period.

Estimated distances from
Bus stop and future light rail stop 270 m
Kaivoskallio nature conservation area 900 m
Stansvik beach 1.1 km
Kaitalahdenkuru dog park 1.1 km
Tahvonlahti marina 1.3 km
Alepa 1.5 km
Tullisaari swimming area 1.8 km
Playground Rudolf 1.8 km
Laajasalo Sports Park 2.3 km
Laajasalo tennis halls 2.5 km
Shopping centre Saari 2.7 km
Laajasalo health centre 2.7 km
Herttoniemi metro station 4.9 km
Day care centres, comprehensive school, sports park, youth centre and commercial services are being build in Kruunuvuorenranta.