Nurmijärven Pikkutikankuja

Nurmijärven Pikkutikankuja

The rental apartments in Pikkutikankuja are new, modern and affordable row houses. A-Kruunu row house apartments of different sizes will be built in the pleasant residential area of Pikimetsä in Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi.

The Nurmijärven Pikkutikankuja row houses provide safe rental housing in 1-storey and 2-storey apartments in Klaukkala. The new residential area of Pikimetsä is just a few kilometres away from the comprehensive services and plenty of recreational opportunities offered in the Klaukkala town centre. 

Living in Klaukka offers a calm environment close to nature. Many also appreciate the smart location right next to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area – a direct bus line takes you to Helsinki, and by car, the drive to the centre of Helsinki is about half an hour. 

Basic Information
Address: Pikkutikankuja 5, 01800 Klaukkala
Type: Terraced House
Apartment sizes: 2 rooms + kitchenette + sauna - 4 rooms + kitchenette + sauna
Floor area: 58,5–86,5 m2
Number of apartments: 29
Completion: 06/2021
Brochure: View brochure (FI)

A-Kruunu apartments are smoke-free regarding the internal parts and balconies of the property.

The application period for the location is approximately three months prior to the estimated completion date.
Join the mailing list and you'll be notified immediately when the application period begins. We'll also notify you on this webpage when an application period begins.

Estimated distances from
Day-care centre 50 m
Dog parks 450 m and 500 m
Ropakko playground 900 m
Viiri flea market 1.1 km
K-Rauta 1.1 km
Pet store Halikatti 1.1 km
Tiira beach 1.6 km
Klaukkala School 1.8 km
Klaukkala sports area 1.8 km
Ice rink 1.9 km
Monikko 2 km
Urheilupuisto school 2 km
Alepa 2.2 km
Health centre 2.2 km
Tokmanni 2.7 km
Shopping centre Viiri and Citymarket 2.8 km
Klaukkala riding school 2.8 km