Termination of tenancy agreement

When you want to terminate your tenancy agreement, this must be done in writing.

You can cancel your tenancy agreement electronically using bank codes here, or you can print out a notice of tenancy agreement termination here. Complete and send the paper notice of termination by e-mail to vuokraus@a-kruunu.fi or by mail to A-Kruunu Oy, vuokraus, Arabiankatu 12, 00560 Helsinki.

If your tenancy agreement has been made for two people, both people must submit their own electronic notification of tenancy agreement termination or sign one joint notice of termination form. 

Termination by the other party

If the tenancy agreement is terminated by one party only and the other party is to remain living in the apartment, the person staying in the apartment must also make an electronic termination and thus confirm that the entire tenancy agreement with its obligations is to be transferred into their name. Both parties must enter in the additional information field of the notice of termination that one party is staying in the apartment and only the other is moving out. 

Once the electronic termination from both parties has been filed, A-Kruunu processes the terminations in such a way that that only the tenancy agreement of the other resident is terminated in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. Notice of termination by both people must be obtained so that it can be confirmed that the person remaining in the apartment is aware of the other person’s termination of their part of the tenancy agreement. After this, the tenancy agreement will continue in the name of the person who stays in the apartment. 

In A-Kruunu housing, the period of notice is one full calendar month, in accordance with the act on room rental. The period of notice shall be calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which the tenancy agreement was terminated and the notice of termination has delivered to the landlord in writing. This means that the tenancy will always be terminated at the end of the full month following the notice of termination.

Please give your notice of termination as early as possible, preferably before the notice period begins. This will help us in the process of continuing the rental of the property. Please note that once we have found a new tenant candidate, the resident moving out of the apartment will normally give a showing of the apartment to the new candidate. We will ask for your consent to this in advance.

After you have moved out, the house is inspected. If the residence is in order, the final water bill and other bills have been paid and all keys received have been returned, the deposit will be returned to you during the following few weeks and no later than one month after you move out.

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