Wood construction projects at A-Kruunu

A-Kruunu is an active participant in developing the process of building apartment blocks out of wood. Our first wooden apartment buildings were completed in Kuninkaantammi in Helsinki in the summer of 2018, Sipoo Söderkulla in spring 2021 and Kuusikko, Finland's largest wooden residential area, will go up in Vuores in Tampere, it's first part was finished in October 2021.

The mission of A-Kruunu is the construction of affordable rental housing. Our tasks also include the advancement of wood construction, innovation, the circular economy, and low carbon output.

The goal is for a minimum of 15 % of annual residential building starts after the beginning of 2021 to be for apartment buildings made of wood. Most of our wood construction projects are part of more extensive scientific research projects aimed at getting significant information concerning wood construction.

A-Kruunu's wooden apartment blocks have been built and are being built in places including Kuninkaantammi in Helsinki, Söderkulla in Sipoo, and Vuores in Tampere. We are also constantly looking for more wood construction projects.

Taidemaalarinkatu 6 used for comparing apartment buildings with wooden and concrete frames

Taidemaalarinkadun kohteen havainnekuva

Two A-Kruunu wood apartment buildings were completed in the spring of 2018 in Kuninkaantammi in Helsinki at Taidemaalarinkatu 6. Rental accommodations are part of a research project comparing the features of wood and concrete construction in similar buildings in the planning and building phases, and when in use.

The unique project is part of the Re-thinking Urban Housing programme of the City of Helsinki, which aims at making apartment living more attractive and flexible, with solutions geared for the individual. The study also includes a customer satisfaction survey which examines the possible differences in comfort in living in buildings made of wood and those made of concrete. The findings of the research were released in the spring of 2019.

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Puu- ja betonirakentamisen vertailu
(Helsingin kaupunki)

Puukerrostalon rakentamisen aikainen hiilijalanjälki näyttää jäävän betonitaloa pienemmäksi
(A-Kruunun uutinen 16.10.2017)

Puu on tulossa takaisin kaupunkiin
(A-Kruunun uutinen 6.9.2016)

Modular wooden apartment buildings in Söderkulla

Söderkullan puukerrostalo havainnekuva

A new A-Kruunu wood apartment block project is going up adjacent to the centre of Söderkulla in Sipoo with a total of 47 affordable rental apartments to be completed in the summer of 2021.

The Söderkulla project is significant in that A-Kruunu opened a bid for tenders for different systems in wood construction. The wooden buildings in the project are being built out of prefabricated box unit modules. Another goal is to develop the industrial production of wooden apartment buildings, create mass production, and in that way to bring down unit costs.

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Sipoon Söderkullan puukerrostalot valmistuivat
(A-Kruunun uutinen 31.3.2021)

Sipoon Söderkullaan tulossa 47 asunnon puukerrostalokohde
(A-Kruunun uutinen 12.3.2020)

A-Kruunu toteuttaa puukerrostalokohteen Sipooseen
(A-Kruunun uutinen 15.2.2019)

Wooden apartment buildings in Sipoo’s Söderkulla
(Puuinfo 27.10.2022)

Finland's largest wood apartment block project Kuusikko and the Pukki research project



Kuusikko is a construction project comprising six wooden buildings which, when finished, will comprise Finland's largest wood apartment block project. A-Kruunu and TA-Asumisoikeus are working on the construction of a total of 195 residential units in Kuusikko, to be completed in stages in 2021 and 2022.


Kuusikko, which is to be built in the Isokuusi Wooden Town area in Tampere is part of an extensive research project for the University of Tampere. The PUKKI project promoting wood construction as a means of sustainable property development examines the creation of value by networks connected with wooden apartment buildings and the development of circular economy and business activity models from the point of view of wood construction.

One aim of the project is to help achieve the goal set by the City of Tampere to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. In addition, the city has set a goal of increasing modern wood construction in the Pirkanmaa area and its support for the development of new business activities, skills, and knowledge.


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Puukerrostalorakentamisen ja kiertotalouden arvoverkostot
(Tampereen yliopiston video 1.3.2021)

Vauhtia teolliseen rakentamiseen
(Asumisen rahoitus- ja kehittämiskeskus ARA:n artikkeli 22.2.2021)

Pukki-hanke tutkii puukerrostalojen liiketaloudellisia mahdollisuuksia Tampereen Isokuusessa
(A-Kruunun uutinen 2.10.2020)

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