Housing application – find a home at a A-Kruunu rental apartment


We use a continuous application process to our apartments, so you can fill in and submit your apartment application at any time. We recommend that you submit your application at an as early stage as possible. Your application is valid for 3 months.

With the same application, you can apply for apartment in one or more new housing locations and/or apartment at the finished side in one or more localities. When you join the mailing list of a new housing location before the project is completed, you will be notified by email when the application period begins. Here you can get acquainted with our new housing locations. A-Kruunu also has completed projects in different parts of capital and other large urban areas. You can use the apartment search to view the finished rental apartments available.

Our aim is to offer apartments to those most in need, taking account of the urgency of housing needs and the applicant's property. All A-Kruunu apartments are ARA rental apartments, so, when selecting residents, we follow the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland's (ARA) resident selection guidelines. You should make and send your application well in advance. The residents are selected from among all the applicants applying for the type of housing in question. If you are selected, we will contact you by email or phone.

Please note that submitting a new application will cancel your previous application. Th­rough the link be­low, it is pos­sib­le to view and up­da­te an app­li­ca­tion that has al­rea­dy been sub­mit­ted and add at­tach­ments (st­rong aut­hen­ti­ca­tion is re­qui­red). https://ha­ke­mus.tam­puu­ri.fi/ak­ruu­nu/muok­kaus No­te! If you ha­ve not re­cei­ved a hou­sing of­fer from us, plea­se do not send at­tach­ments via the link. The re­ques­ted at­tach­ments are al­ways de­fi­ned for each hou­sing of­fer and you will re­cei­ve mo­re de­tai­led inst­ruc­tions in con­nec­tion with a pos­sib­le hou­sing of­fer.

Group tenancy housing application

Group tenancy is a new form of communal housing at A-Kruunu. A group tenancy apartment has multiple tenants who all have their own lease agreement. In addition, tenants can choose who to live with. A-Kruunu's group tenancy apartments are intended for people of all ages.

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