Tuusulan Metsävadelmantie

Tuusulan Metsävadelmantie

The pleasant and affordable rental homes of Metsävadelmantie in Tuusula are new blocks of apartments and row houses built for modern needs. Rental apartments are being completed in the new Rykmentinpuisto residential area. Living in an A-Kruunu rental apartment, you will find the versatile services of Hyrylä, excellent sports and recreational opportunities and, of course, the charming nature of Tuusula.

The Tuusulan Metsävadelmantie is a new site to be built in the Rykmentinpuisto area in the town centre of Hyrylä (Tuusula town centre). The former barracks will form a village-like town, which also inspired and delighted the housing fair guests in 2020.

In Rykmentinpuisto, everyday life is easy thanks to comprehensive services and recreational opportunities, such as shops, health centres, libraries, swimming pools and large sports centres, being located nearby. The services of this verdant area will be complemented by the completion of a day care centre, a comprehensive school and the culture building Monio, which will house the upper secondary school as well.

Tuusula is part of the HSL area, which means that public transport connections to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are excellent. Those commuting by car can quickly access the Tuusulanväylä fairway and other major routes from Rykmentinpuisto.

Basic Information
Address: Metsävadelmantie 2, 04300 Tuusula
Type: 2 separate blocks and 4 separate row houses
Apartment sizes: 1 to 4 rooms + kitchenette
Floor area: 33–79 m²
Number of apartments: 76
Completion: 8/2022 (estimate)

A-Kruunu apartments are smoke-free regarding the internal parts and balconies of the property.

The application period for the location is approximately three months prior to the estimated completion date.
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Estimated distances from
Bus stop 550 m
Sports centre 750 m
Library 850 m
Swimming pool 1.1 km
Hamburger restaurant 1.3 km
K-Supermarket 1.4 km
Pharmacy 1.4 km
R-Kioski 1.4 km
Hyrylä dental clinic 1.5 km
Health centre 1.6 km
Marketplace 1.6 km
Mikkola School 2.5 km
Tuusula School Centre 3.1 km
Kerava train station 5 km
The Rykmentinpuisto area will include a day care centre, a comprehensive school and cultural building Monio, which will also house an upper secondary school