Matti Vatilo

Va­ti­lo has been a mem­ber of the A-Kruu­nu Board of Di­rec­tors sin­ce 2019

Key work ex­pe­rien­ce:
Mi­nist­ry of the En­vi­ron­ment, Ra­ken­nus­neu­vos, Head of Unit, 1998–2019
Fin­nish As­so­cia­tion of Arc­hi­tects, Sec­re­ta­ry Ge­ne­ral, 1988–1998
Poh­jois-Suo­men YH-Ra­ken­nut­ta­jat, Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor, 1983–1988
Ci­ty of Vaa­sa, Plan­ning Arc­hi­tect, 1981–1983
Ci­ty of Ke­mi, Plan­ning Arc­hi­tect, 1979–1981

Key po­si­tions of trust:
Se­ve­ral mem­bers­hips in the mi­nist­ry's wor­king groups and po­si­tions of trust re­la­ted to pre­vious ca­reers

Matti Vatilo -henkilökuva

Eero Saastamoinen -henkilökuva

Eero Saastamoinen
Vi­ce Chair­man

Saas­ta­moi­nen has been a mem­ber of the A-Kruu­nu Board of Di­rec­tors sin­ce 2014
Mas­ter of Po­li­ti­cal Scien­ces

Key work ex­pe­rien­ce:
VVO Group Ltd, Real Es­ta­te Di­rec­tor, De­pu­ty CEO, 2006–2013
Suo­men asu­mi­soi­keus Oy, Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor, 2003–2005
Asoa­sun­not Oy, Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor, 1991–2002
Ci­ty of Jär­ven­pää, De­part­ment of Hou­sing and In­dust­ry, Head of De­part­ment, 1981–1990

Key po­si­tions of trust:
Asun­to­sää­tiö Asu­mi­soi­keus Oy, Board Mem­ber
Jat­ke Oy, Board Mem­ber
Pre­mi­co Group Oy, Ad­vi­ser to the Board

Mia Rainio

Rainio has been a member of the Board of Directors of A-Kruunu since 2021
Master of Science in Economic

Key work experience:
Prime Minister's Office, Ownership Steering Department, Senior Specialist 2019–
Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, Supervision of procurement and competition neutrality; Senior Specialist 2018–2019
Keva, Outsourced Security Investments, Analyst 2010–2018

Key positions of trust:
Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd., Board Member
Gasonia Oy, Board Member

Mia Rainio

Jaana Parviainen -henkilökuva

Jaana Parviainen
Re­si­dent Mem­ber

Mem­ber of A-Kruu­nu Board of Di­rec­tors sin­ce 2019
Vo­ca­tio­nal Qua­li­fi­ca­tion in Bu­si­ness

Key work ex­pe­rien­ce:
Uu­den­maan­lei­pä Oy, Con­fec­tio­ner, 1998–
Real Es­ta­te Par­viai­nen Ky, pro­per­ty ma­na­ge­ment tasks and cus­to­mer ser­vi­ce, 1995–2014

Po­si­tions of trust:
As­so­cia­tion ac­ti­vi­ties and club ac­ti­vi­ties for child­ren and young peop­le

Teppo Salmikivi

Mem­ber of the Board of Di­rec­tors sin­ce 2019

Key trai­ning:
Mas­ter of Scien­ce (Tech­no­lo­gy) 1984, and Li­cen­tia­te of Scien­ce 1992, Hel­sin­ki Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­no­lo­gy (now Aal­to Uni­ver­si­ty)
Key work ex­pe­rien­ce:
Uni­ver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki, va­rious tasks, inc­lu­ding Const­ruc­tion Ma­na­ger, Pro­per­ty Ser­vi­ce Ma­na­ger, Pro­per­ty Ma­na­ger and, at pre­sent, Pre­mi­ses Ma­na­ger, 1997–
In­si­nöö­ri­toi­mis­to Konst­ru Oy, Pro­ject Ma­na­ger, 1993–1997
Oy Ju­va En­gi­nee­ring Ltd, St­ruc­tu­ral En­gi­neer and Pro­ject Ma­na­ger, 1980–1993 

Key po­si­tions of trust:
Ra­ken­ta­mi­sen Laa­tu RA­LA ry, Vi­ce Pre­si­dent of the Board of Di­rec­tors
Hel­sin­ki Uni­ver­si­ty Real Es­ta­te Ltd and Hel­sin­ki Uni­ver­si­ty Real Es­ta­te Ser­vi­ces Ltd, Board Mem­ber
In­vol­ved in se­ve­ral joint const­ruc­tion and const­ruc­tion cont­rac­ting de­ve­lop­ment pro­jects for RAK­LI ry and ot­her ope­ra­tors wit­hin the in­dust­ry, and gi­ves lec­tu­res for dif­fe­rent edu­ca­tio­nal prog­ram­mes
Ca­pi­tal Re­gion Scouts Foun­da­tion, Chair­man of the Board

Teppo Salmikivi -henkilökuva

Malviina Peltonen -henkilökuva

Malviina Peltonen
Re­si­dent Mem­ber

Board mem­ber sin­ce 2006

Bac­he­lor’s Deg­ree in Au­to­mo­ti­ve and Trans­por­ta­tion En­gi­nee­ring

Re­le­vant job ex­pe­rien­ce
At­las Cop­co, Ser­vi­ce Su­per­vi­sor,  2016 -
Au­to­kes­kus Oy, Ser­vi­ce Su­per­vi­sor, 2014-2015

Key po­si­tions of trust:
Ti­mant­ti­ku­ja 1 Chair­man of re­si­dent ac­ti­vi­ties 2018-
Ci­vic and vo­lun­teer ac­ti­vi­ties

Hallituksen tehtävät
Picture of the A-Kruunu Board of Directors until 31 March 2021, Jaana Parviainen (left), Teppo Salmikivi, Sinikka Mustakari, Eero Saastamoinen, Malviina Peltonen, Matti Vatilo.


Du­ties of the Board of Di­rec­tors

The Board of Di­rec­tors is res­pon­sib­le for en­su­ring that the com­pa­ny's ad­mi­nist­ra­tion and ope­ra­tions are pro­per­ly ar­ran­ged and for de­ci­ding on com­pa­ny st­ra­te­gy. The Board of Di­rec­tors is res­pon­sib­le for en­su­ring that the com­pa­ny's ac­coun­ting and fi­nan­cial ma­na­ge­ment are pro­per­ly or­ga­ni­sed.