Resident activities

Resident activities are voluntary activities through which A-Kruunu residents can make their surroundings more pleasant and functional. It consists of ideas and actions, communication and cooperation – activities that fit with the interests and skills of those in the building. As a resident, you can influence issues related to your own housing. In every A-Kruunu building, a resident committee is selected, and this committee is able to bring the residents’ perspectives to bear on current housing issues.

Resident activities are always shaped according by the residents of each building, and may include grill parties, yard work parties, food circles, club activities or something else done together with one's neighbours. Join in and have an impact on the living conditions and pleasantness of your own home, your neighbours’ homes, and the whole building. All the different parties involved, from the residents to the property manager and from the maintenance staff to the property owners are equally important actors in A-Kruunu management by residents.

Here's how to act and have an impact:


All the residents can participate in their own building’s residents’ meeting. The property manager will convene a meeting of the residents once a year at the end of the year. This meeting deals with current issues for the building from the perspective of both the residents and the company. This meeting also involves the selection of the residents' committee and the residents' candidates to the company's board of directors. 




Making life go as smoothly as possible! The residents' committee selected annually at the residents' meeting develops the interaction between the residents and the property management. The act on joint administration gives the resident committee broad opportunities to influence their housing conditions. Each committee itself determines which tasks it takes on.




The different buildings’ active residents meet together at the chairpersons’ meeting. At this meeting, they get to exchange housing experiences and go through, together with company representatives, matters that affect all the rental homes.




Because of the increasing number of residential buildings, a cooperation body is being introduced. For the time being, development issues are dealt with at the chairpersons’ meeting. In the implementation phase, the meeting dates and persons present will be decided on.



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