Business premises

A-Kruunu's business premises

Some of our sites include business premises that we rent for the needs of companies.

A-Kruunu is a state-owned special assignment company that builds affordable rental apartments in the Helsinki region and other larger urban areas each year, promoting wood construction and housing innovations. Some of our sites include commercial premises that we rent for the needs of companies.

Coming soon

Verkkosaarenranta 18, 00580 Helsinki

The attractive Verkkosaarenranta has excellent business opportunities with expected heavy customer flow in this developing area as apartments are being built for approximately 30,000 residents.

Available for rent

Länsisatamankatu 29, 00220 Helsinki

Street-level multi-purpose business premises with large windows that open in two directions and provide plenty of natural light. The space is open, modern, and suitable for a wide range of applications. One customer entrance, excellent transport connections.