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A-Kruunu to continue operating normally

The Government's resolution on ownership policy proposes that the State could relinquish its ownership of A-Kruunu Oy. Residents are protected through legislation. The company can only be sold to another non-profit housing company.
A-Kruunu Oy is a fully state-owned company under the ownership steering of the Ministry of the Environment. Decisions on material changes in the ownership of state-owned companies are decided by the Parliament. The justification of the Government for this possible divestment is that the necessary justification for owning the company in question may not exist.

The sale of non-profit companies is strictly regulated, as are as other activities related to the use of housing for the determination of rent. For example, a buyer can only be a non-profit institution. Thus, list of potential buyers is limited.
“What’s most important is that legislation protects the residents, i.e. any change of ownership will not have any effect on the residents. Determination of rent and resident selection will continue to be carried out in accordance with Ara guidelines, as will the residents possibilities for influence through resident administration,” says Matti Vatilo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A-Kruunu Oy.

If Parliament approves the divestment of A-Kruunu Oy, a report on the sale of the company would be prepared in early autumn. The sale of the company would be effected by selling the entire stock.
“Despite this proposal, A-Kruunu will continue to rent apartments, build properties and develop projects normally," says Jari Mäkimattila, CEO of A-Kruunu.

A-Kruunu currently owns approximately 2,900 apartments located in the Helsinki region and other growing urban areas. There are roughly 400 apartments under construction, with plans for over 1,000. On average, the company's apartments have a living cost of 25% less than the average market-based rental apartment.

The company will inform residents about sales-related matters in future resident bulletins.

Further information in the Ministry of the Environment's press release:

Warning concerning scam messages and reports

There has been an uptick in housing-related scam messages, such as payment reminders sent as text messages. These messages may ask you to pay your rent to a new bank account. The messages can be quite convincing. A-Kruunu does not communicate any such information via text message only, and you should not make any payments to the bank accounts mentioned in these messages. Our rent supervision will always contact you from an email address in the format “”.

Annual report 2022

The annual report for residents 2022 can be read here:


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