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Helsingin Verkkosaarenranta

Verkkosaari was previously a port area of Sörnäinen, and the sea is strongly present throughout the area. New, adaptable apartment blocks will be built in the maritime environment of the shores in Verkkosaari, which will also take into account the cooling needs of spaces through district cooling.

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Helsingin Konttinosturinkuja

Nihti and Sompasaari, which are separated from the old Sörnäinen harbour area by the Nihti Channel, form an urban-like city area with street names based on the local harbour and seafaring. Versatile recreation and outdoor areas will be constructed on the shores of Nihti.

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Helsingin Lavakatu

The wooden house block has been designed to include shared spaces and sunrooms in connection with each stair hall. Light yards that allow natural light to enter a closed block are placed between the houses in the block. The planning of the houses and the area has taken into account the promotion of communality, and the Postivarikko Village House will also be completed, which will include sports facilities, co-working spaces and event facilities.