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On this page, you can explore rental apartments that will soon be available, searchable and about to be completed.

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Find a new high-quality and pleasant rental home! A-Kruunu rental housing is built in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in its surrounding municipalities and in other major urban areas.

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Helsingin Verkkosaarenranta

Verkkosaari was previously a port area of Sörnäinen, and the sea is strongly present throughout the area. New, adaptable apartment blocks will be built in the maritime environment of the shores in Verkkosaari, which will also take into account the cooling needs of spaces through district cooling.

Now open for application

Helsingin Lavakatu

The wooden house block has been designed to include shared spaces and sunrooms in connection with each stair hall. Light yards that allow natural light to enter a closed block are placed between the houses in the block. The planning of the houses and the area has taken into account the promotion of communality, and the Postivarikko Village House will also be completed, which will include sports facilities, co-working spaces and event facilities.

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Helsingin Konttinosturinkuja

Nihti and Sompasaari, which are separated from the old Sörnäinen harbour area by the Nihti Channel, form an urban-like city area with street names based on the local harbour and seafaring. Versatile recreation and outdoor areas will be constructed on the shores of Nihti.

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Tampereen Reuharinviitta 2 ja 4

The Niemenranta area in Tampere will be the site of 46 comfortable new rental apartments. The Niemenranta area combines good connections, nature and the magnificent waters of Lake Näsijärvi. A daycare centre and local shop are within walking distance. A wider variety of commercial services and a school are located a short distance away in Lielahti.  

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Tampereen Suorannankatu

Twenty-five new, comfortable rental apartments will be built to the Lamminpää area in Tampere. The new Naulatehdas residential area emerges next to the traditional Lamminpää single-family house area, a former small-scale industrial area. Lamminpää is located west of Tampere, it has excellent transport connections and services, and the versatile Teivo outdoor and sports facilities are right next door.

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Helsingin Tulistimenkatu 10

The versatile services and excellent transport connections in the developing area enable the smooth running of everyday life. From here, you can effortlessly get to work and head downtown to run errands or enjoy your free time. Trams and commuter buses stop practically around the corner, and the Pasila railway station is roughly a five-minute walk away. The versatile services of Pasila, including Mall of Tripla, one of the largest shopping centres in the Nordic countries, and the wooded, nearly ten-kilometre-long Central Park are also at a walking distance. The construction of the…

Coming soon

Lahden Teräsmuorin raitti 3

38 comfortable new rental apartments are coming to the Vahva-Jussi area of Lahti near the railway station. Located near the city center, the area combines hassle-free living, good services and outdoor recreation with a pleasant environment.

Coming soon

Hyvinkään Uraniankatu 28

We are building 45 new, pleasant rental apartments in the Hangonsilta neighbourhood in the centre of Hyvinkää. When the area of the former Hanko railway yard is ready, Hangonsilta will unify the urban structure of Hyvinkää.