Fre­quent­ly as­ked ques­tions

Frequently asked questions

We gathered together the frequently asked questions about A-Kruunu to assist those applying for, living in, or moving in or out of an A-Kruunu home.

For housing applicants

All of our rental apartments are rented on the basis of the housing applications received. You can submit a housing application here. After the application has been submitted, you will be automatically involved in the selection of residents in all apartments corresponding to your application. It is a good idea to fill in the application carefully, as the selection of residents is based on it. After completing the application, we will be in contact with you by email if we can offer you an apartment.

All our homes are ARA rental housing, so we follow ARA's resident selection guidelines when selecting residents. When selecting residents, we strive to offer the homes to those who need them the most.

Resident selection criteria for ARA apartments

Credit information entries are not automatically an obstacle to renting an apartment, but depending on the number and size of the entries, we request a rental security equivalent to a 1 to 3 months’ rent.

You can submit a housing application electronically or order a printed version of the application form by e-mail at or by calling our number 0202 207 100 from Monday to Friday between 12.00 and 14.30.

You can explore A-Kruunu's range of housing as well as the specific homes that are either currently or soon-to-be available here. Basic information about our new locations that are currently under construction can be found here. You can join the new location's mailing list before the location has been completed. By doing so, you will be informed by email when the application period starts.

If you are selected for a particular location, we will contact you by e-mail.

Learn more about applying for housing

We will request all necessary attachments in connection with the possible housing offer. The most important thing is that the housing application has been completed carefully during the application phase and contains all the information requested in the application.

The application is valid for three months from the date of submission. Any previously submitted applications will be automatically replaced when you submit a new housing application.

You can change or update your application information via this link edit application or by sending the updated information by e-mail or by calling 020 7207 100 from 12:00 to 14:30 Mon – Fri.

In all of our resident selections, we comply with the resident selection criteria laid down by ARA, such as the need for housing and its urgency. You can read more about ARA's resident choices on the ARA website

In addition, the housing locations also contain asset limits that may not be exceeded in order to be selected in the selection of residents.

We will endeavour to make a selection of residents as soon as possible after we receive information about the termination of the lease.

The selected applicant will be informed about the selection by e-mail, and the notification of an available apartment is deleted once the rental agreement has been signed with the new tenant.

It is impossible to predict the possibility of housing for an individual application in advance, as it is also affected by the situation in which the current co-applicants are in. Unfortunately, we also receive applications for more apartments than we can have available for offering, and we are therefore unable to offer housing to all those who need it.

You can find all the instructions on how to proceed next in your housing offer. Please respond to the email you received to indicate your interest and provide any necessary attachments by the requested dates. We will then communicate with you once your attachment(s) has been reviewed.

If you do not respond to the offer by the date stated in the offer, your offer will expire. The offer will then be sent to the next applicant. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that we will be able to offer you another apartment. 

A housing offer is always sent by e-mail. In addition, we will send a text message to inform you on the arrival of the housing offer. It is therefore a good idea to keep your email and phone number up to date in your application!

Depending on situation, it may take a few days for the attachments to be checked. We will be in touch with you as soon as your attachment(s) has been reviewed. You can rest easy to wait for us to contact you by email after you add the requested attachments and email us about adding the attachments. We will notify you if all attachments are in order. Alternatively, we will ask for additional attachments, if necessary.

The deposit is 250 euros and must be paid before the tenancy agreement is signed. If you have credit data entries, we will request a rental deposit equivalent to between 1 and 3 months of rent.

Depending on the bank, it may take approximately 1 to 2 working days for the security to arrive. We will contact you when your security is displayed on our company account. Then we can sign a lease with you!

A-Kruunu homes are intended for permanent residence.

Water and electricity are not included in the rent. The water charge is based on metered consumption. The resident signs a home-specific electricity contract with their selected electricity supplier. 

Smoking in the apartment and on its balcony is prohibited. Certain exceptions may apply to old leases. As a rule, smoking is also prohibited in the properties’ yard areas, with some exceptions.

For residents


You can ask about parking spaces from A-Kruunu’s customer service, The rent for parking spaces is charged on a monthly basis.

You can book sauna services with your maintenance company. Depending on the site, you can reserve a laundry shift either by using a reservation book or a system.

The tenant may not sublease the apartment without the landlord’s written permission. Subleasing may be authorised for a maximum of two years for a justified reason, such as temporary studies or work in another location.

The use of A-Kruunu apartments for Airbnb activities is prohibited.

If you already live in an A-Kruunu apartment and want to apply for a change of apartment, submit a new apartment application. In the case of changing apartments, the applications are taken into account in the resident selection in accordance with the normal application process.

The housing companies of A-Kruunu have a valid, extensive group accident insurance as a part of Howden Finland’s AsumisPLUS customer interest group. The insurance covers everyone permanently residing in the companies, those participating in voluntary work and, to a limited extent, persons not living in the building. The insurance is valid in the company’s yard area, shared facilities and during trips related to voluntary work. In addition to accidents, the insurance includes a key insurance in case of installing new locks or lost keys.

If a tenant has died, the tenant’s lease liabilities and obligations are transferred to the estate. Read more: Information for residents moving away

The location of the civil defence shelter is site-specific, and the easiest way to find information on your own civil defence shelter is to consult the rescue plan available on the Resident pages. The location of the civil defence shelter is also marked in some sites’ brochures. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with your own building’s rescue plan.


Storing an electric mobility device in the outdoor storage is allowed, but charging it there is prohibited. Storing and charging in stairwells is prohibited.

The battery of such a device must be removed and its charging must take place under supervision in the apartment, preferably on a non-combustible surface. Charging on the balcony in winter is not recommended, as the lithium battery can be damaged in the cold. The battery should not be charged in the hallway or other emergency exit.

Lithium batteries generate toxic fire gases and may cause small explosions. Such a battery fire is easiest to put out with either a lithium fire extinguisher spray or a lithium fire extinguisher.

You may only charge electric mobility device prescripted by a doctor in the outdoor equipment warehouse. In this case, the Act on Healthcare Equipment and Supplies (629/2010) applies.

If necessary, you can contact your building’s service manager.


Contact your property manager:

Contact A-Kruunu customer service at

The club rooms in our buildings are intended for the residents’ joint events of the residents, but they can also be reserved for private events. You should contact the members of the resident’s committee about booking the space and the key. If necessary, you can contact your building’s service manager.


The due date for payment of the rent is the same for all tenants, the 5th day of each month. If you encounter difficulties in paying your rent, the most important thing is to contact A-Kruunu rent supervision immediately so that we can make a payment plan for your unpaid rent.

In such a situation, follow these steps:

• contact A-Kruunu rent supervision immediately to agree on a payment plan

• find out about your opportunities to receive support from Kela

• contact rent supervision by e-mail at or by calling our service number on 0207 207 100 from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 14:30.

The rent due date is the same for all tenants and is the 5th of each month. Following the due date, you have approximately 14 more days to pay the rent before a collection charge of five euros is incurred. During this period, we will only charge you the interest on late payment (billed separately). Approximately two weeks after the due date, we will send a payment reminder with a collection charge of five euros. If the rent cannot be paid even by the reminder due date, the rent is transferred to the debt collection agency, in which case the statutory collection costs are added to the amount.

Unpaid rent can lead to the termination of the tenancy agreement by the landlord without any period of notice and through eviction if necessary. However, such measures will only be taken in situations where the resident materially neglects their obligation to pay rent or fails to comply with the payment plan.

Contact rent supervision by e-mail at or by calling our service number on 0207 207 100 from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 14:30.

Yes, as long as you remember to use the reference on the bill.


Every month, in addition to the rent, a water advance payment based on the number of people is paid. The amount of water advance payment in A-Kruunu apartments is €20.00/person/month. The balance invoice equalizes the water advance payments paid and the actual water consumption twice a year.

The equalisation invoice shows the paid advances and the actual consumption for the invoicing period.

Reading reports on the water consumption of the apartments are made from the water measurement system every six months. In those locations with mechanical meters (Kurkiaurankatu 6-8,Järvenpää, Iltamantie 3 and Kuusikontie 2, Hyvinkää), maintenance reads the meters from the apartments and submits the reading reports to rent control.

The settlement invoice shows the paid advances as well as the actual consumption for the billing period.

If the consumption has been lower than the advances paid, the invoice becomes a refund invoice. The resident will deduct the amount of the refund invoice from the following month's rent.

If the consumption has been greater than the advance payments, the resident will receive a balance invoice showing the balance of the water bill to be paid.

If there is no sign in the invoice amount, pay the invoice normally no later than the due date.

If there is a minus sign in front of the total amount of the bill, it means that the water payment advances you paid are greater than your actual water consumption and you have received a refund bill. Please deduct the final amount of the invoice from the next rent payment. If you have already paid the rent, you can deduct it from the next month's rent payment.

When the resident changes, the leaving resident receives a final water bill, which equalizes the water consumption between the previous equalization bill and the moving date. The new resident's water billing starts from the first day of the lease.


You can do many things in your own home to save energy. At home, the greatest amount of electricity is consumed by heating and warm water, but also by household appliances and lighting. Reducing unnecessary consumption and selecting energy-efficient electrical equipment saves energy while reducing housing expenses. 

See tips on 

We encourage our residents to sort and recycle waste. Your home building has a waste collection point. Sort your waste carefully in the correct bins – careful sorting improves the reuse of materials. 

You can find more detailed sorting instructions by the bins. Read more instructions and advice on our Waste management page.

Responsibility is important to us. A-Kruunu's core operations and strategy include responsibility regarding the residents living in our homes and the people working for us as well as the environment and the quality of construction and design. Responsibility at A-Kruunu also means financial responsibility and responsible, transparent and ethical operating principles in subcontracting chains.

We have created a responsibility programme whose principles, objectives and promises are available on our Corporate responsibility page.

Responsibility also involves residents’ everyday life. You can find information and practical tips for more responsible everyday  life and housing on our sustainable living page

For those moving

For new residents

As a rule, you can pick up the keys from the locksmith on the start day of the lease. Bring along a proof of your identity. If the key is picked up by a person other than the person who signed the rental agreement, they must bring a dedicated power of attorney and a proof of their identity.

If necessary, the old and new residents may arrange together to carry out the handover of the keys. This is possible, for example, when the end of the month occurs on a weekend. The matter must be notified to the customer service of A-Kruunu, from where the residents who out moving out can obtain the notification form for key transfer between residents. The completed form must be delivered to the locksmith without delay. The responsibility for the keys lies with the residents who are moving out until the point when the locksmith receives the form.

For normal minor repairs (e.g. leaking tap or broken cooker), contact the maintenance company. If you have any other problems regarding your housing, please contact your property manager. You can find your property manager's information on your building’s webpage.

You can find the contact details of your building’s maintenance company under your building on the Resident pages.

You can find information on terminating a tenancy agreement of an A-Kruunu apartment on the page Information for residents moving away

When the tenant terminates the tenancy agreement, the period of notice is one calendar month. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which the notice of termination was made.

In A-Kruunu's apartments, the period of notice is one full calendar month in accordance with the Room Lease Act. The period of notice shall begin on the last day of the calendar month during which the housing lease is terminated and the notice of termination has been communicated to the landlord in writing. Therefore, the lease always ends at the end of the full month following the termination, which means that your lease cannot end during the same month when you submit a notice of termination.  
For example, if you would like to terminate the lease agreement for your apartment on 31 January, you must submit a notice of termination in writing to the landlord no later than during December. If, on the other hand, you submit a notice of termination only in January, your lease will expire, at the earliest, at the end of February, i.e. 28 February.

If the tenancy agreement is terminated by one party only and the other party is to remain living in the apartment, the person staying in the apartment must also make an electronic termination and thus confirm that the entire tenancy agreement with its obligations is to be transferred into their name. Both parties must enter in the additional information field of the notice of termination that one party is staying in the apartment and only the other is moving out.

Once the electronic termination from both parties has been filed, A-Kruunu processes the terminations in such a way that only the tenancy agreement of the other resident is terminated in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. Notice of termination by both people must be obtained so that it can be confirmed that the person remaining in the apartment is aware of the other person’s termination of their part of the tenancy agreement. After this, the tenancy agreement will continue in the name of the person who stays in the apartment.

Here you can find a paper form for terminating the lease agreement by the other party.

If the apartment has already been rented again, it is not possible to continue the lease.

The financial deposit will be returned to you within the month following the end of the tenancy agreement, providing that all the keys have been returned to the locksmith, the residence inspection has been carried out, the possible water bill due has been paid and there are no outstanding receivables in the ledger.

Issues may have been noted during the moving-out inspection or there may have been unpaid rent remaining (apartment condition, level of final cleaning, rent payment, waste water bill).

The keys must be returned to the locksmith at the latest on the end of the rental agreement, one hour before the shop closes. More detailed instructions for returning the keys can be found in the eviction letter sent to you.

If you cannot return the keys yourself at the end of the lease, another person can also return the keys for you if necessary. Please note, however, that you retain responsibility for the keys and their return, even if another person returns them for you.

The tenant is informed of the date of the inspection in advance and also has the opportunity to participate in the inspection. 

The apartment must be cleaned carefully. You will find cleaning instructions in the moving-out letter.  If the apartment has not been cleaned carefully, the landlord has the right to charge the costs of cleaning.

If it is found that there are defects or repair needs other than those caused by natural wear and tear, the landlord has the right to receive compensation from the tenant for the costs incurred in carrying out the necessary work.

Fre­quent­ly as­ked ques­tions about group te­nan­cy

A group tenancy apartment is an apartment that is shared between multiple residents. Each resident is provided with their own room, and they all share the general facilities of their apartment. Our objective is to allow residents to have a say in who they wish to live with. In a situation where one resident of a group tenancy apartment decides to terminate their tenancy agreement, the remaining residents will still be able to influence the choice of the new resident. However, all final decision are made by A-Kruunu on the basis of the applications it receives.

Group tenancy housing is communal living at its best and suitable for many different walks of life, from seniors to families with children who wish to share an apartment together. Shared housing also makes it easier to share the costs and obligations of everyday life.

Any person in need of housing can apply to become a resident of a group rental apartment. You can apply for a group rental apartment alone or in a group of 2–4 people. If the group is smaller than the number of rooms to be rented in the apartment, A-Kruunu will select residents for the rooms that remain free.

Our resident selection process is based on the means-testing policies specified in ARA’s resident selection guidelines, and each site is subject to a wealth limit. Our process follow a set of means-testing criteria that emphasises those persons and groups who are most in need of housing.

You can apply for a group tenancy apartment using a separate application form.

If you already know someone who you would like to live with and they are also in need of an apartment, you can each submit your own group tenancy applications where you must clearly state that you are applying for the same apartment together. Please note that due to the ARA resident selection criteria, we cannot guarantee that a pre-assembled group in its entirety can be housed in a  group rental apartment. You can also apply for a room in a group tenancy apartment by yourself.

If you are applying as a group, you most likely already know each other so well that there will be no need for any separate roommate surveys. 

If you are applying for a room in a group tenancy apartment by yourself, you must use your application to describe yourself and your housing-related wishes in as much detail as possible. We may also send applicants detailed questions in order to ensure functioning residential communities even when the residents do not know each other beforehand. We try to take into account the applicant's wishes for their residential community as best as possible, but the resident selection is guided by the guidelines that A-Kruunu must follow when selecting residents. The applicant who received an apartment offer from a group rental apartment and the residents already living in the apartment are allowed to meet each other. The applicant can still refuse the offer at this stage, and the residential community can still influence the choice.

However, the actual resident selection is done by A-Kruunu based on applications.

Pets may be kept in group tenancy apartments on a case-by-case basis. You will need to gain the approval of your roommates and the service manager of the building beforehand.

Electricity is included in the price of rent, but the landlord reserves the right to charge for the electricity if necessary according to consumption.

The water is billed according to actual consumption every six months, and it is divided according to the number of residents per lease. The advance water charge advance is €20/month/person. 

A 100M Internet connection per residence is included in the rent.