Fill in an application

Fill in a housing application

We use a continuous application process to our apartments, so you can fill in and submit your apartment application at any time. You can apply for housing in one or more locations and in one or more municipalities with the same application. Your application is valid for 3 months.

We only offer apartments according to the search criteria selected in the application. By expanding your search criteria, you can improve your chances of getting an offer for housing.

Hou­sing app­li­ca­tion

You can apply for apartments via the link below.

You can edit a valid application

You can view and update an application that has already been submitted through the link and add attachments. Modifying the application requires strong identification. 

Note! If you have not received an offer for housing from us, do not send appendices via the link. The requested appendices are always specified for each offer, and you will receive more detailed instructions in connection with the potential offer.